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M.I.L.O. The Automated Extraction System


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milo automated extraction system

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Jacketed or Sleeved

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Introducing the cutting-edge Mechanized Intelligent Lab Operator, M.I.L.O., a game-changer in the world of extraction technology. Designed to meet the needs of modern extraction facilities, this advanced system combines efficiency, precision, and automation to deliver exceptional results.

Advanced Spectrometry: Unleashing the Power of Precision

Real-time monitoring of the light spectrum sensed at the outlet of the color remediation chambers. By capturing and analyzing the precise wavelengths of light, the system can detect and quantify color impurities present in the extracted material. This real-time monitoring enables immediate adjustments to the CRC process, ensuring consistent and precise results.

Consistent Quality Control

By leveraging the power of spectrometry, our system provides consistent and reliable quality control. The spectrometers ensure that each batch of extracted material undergoes the same level of scrutiny, resulting in consistent and reproducible color remediation outcomes. This level of control enables you to maintain strict quality standards, build brand consistency, and meet customer expectations consistently.

Streamlined Production

Continuity is key, and our dual solvent tanks enable seamless operation. You can load one tank while the other is in use, ensuring uninterrupted extraction cycles.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to continuous productivity.

Operator Safe and consistent

Safety Features of our Automated 20LB Closed Loop Extraction System:

  • Operator Safety: Operators are not required to be physically present, minimizing exposure to hazardous conditions.
  • Error Prevention: The automated system eliminates user error by precisely controlling the extraction process.
  • Built-in Safety Measures: Emergency shut-off switches, pressure sensors, and temperature monitoring ensure equipment and personnel protection.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our system meets and exceeds industry safety standards and regulations.

Extract with confidence!