High-Grade Laboratory and Extraction Equipment

Unsurpassed Quality & Service

The constant and growing need for high quality concentrates for medical and recreational markets requires high-quality manufacturing technology with precision engineering. Extractor Solutions Systems is proud to partner with producers in the cannabis and hemp industries to help them increase efficiency, maximize output, minimize downtime, produce high-quality products, and increase profit. 

We take pride in providing safe and affordable equipment to our customers. We achieve this goal by
thoroughly testing all of our products and utilizing the most current equipment standards for quality
reassurance. All products leave the shop only after passing all of our safety and quality testing procedures.

We have the best prices on all the parts and  accessories you need.  We also carry the highest quality consumables from reputable vendors.  Contact us directly for bulk orders or to inquire about weekly deliveries.  Our products and services can be customized to fulfill all of your cannabis and hemp processing needs.

" I purchased the 1/4lb turnkey setup and have performed over 20 extractions with flawless operation. The quality of the clamps, valves, and fittings are remarkable. Truly the best deal on the market."

Joe D.

Alex has been wonderful to work with. I will definitely be doing business with Extractorsolutions in the future. Can’t wait to get my 10lb CLS in!


My buddy and I were shopping around and found the best deal here. We ordered a 1lb CLS turn key kit and it has worked GREAT for us and has some desirable features that you have add to other company's 1lb systems. 


Prompt service knowledgeable technician answered all of my questions and walked me through start to finish. 

Kelly C.